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How to start as a seller?

To get started as a sellet all you have to do is get your setup ready and contact our support team via the website. Note you must be an active and verified member before you can become a seller.

When and how do you get paid?

You get paid when ever a new user purchases hash power from your framework or structure that is setup for you.

How much can you earn?

The amount you can earned is not limited or capped at a specific level, it all depends on what you put into the system that what generates your returns.

What is the service fee for sellers?

The service fee for sellers varies on the setup carries for you by our team. This also depends on your equipments and setup.

What is the PPS reward system?

PPS is short for "pay-per-share" reward system. This means that the miner will receive a reward (get paid) for each valid contributed share. There are some other proportional reward systems, where not all miners who contribute get paid.

Which Stratum servers are available?

There are multiple stream servers availale that would be made know to you once you become one of our verified sellers.

Why are you getting rejected shares?

You could be getting rejected shares because your setup was wrong or misconfigured or you violated one of our policies or terms of service.

What happens when there are no orders?

When there are no orders, recuperation takes place and the system sets up byproducts and stores them for mor efficiency on the next order.

Which miners are supported?

Currently with support all the major miners and mining pools, so as to ensure mining rewards are saturated and constant.

Did not find the answer?

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